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When You Need a Jewelry Appraisal Valuation, We Make It Simple

Fast, Easy and Affordable

Great Pricing, Premium Service
Great Pricing, Premium Service

BriteCo Online Appraisal Valuation offers the simplest pricing with the most convenience. Our $26 premium white-glove service gives you a certified, professional appraisal valuation PDF right to your inbox.

Guaranteed to be Accepted by BriteCo Insurance
Guaranteed to be Accepted by BriteCo Insurance

Your online appraisal valuation will be accepted by BriteCo for insurance purposes. While other factors may apply to your application for a policy, a certified appraisal valuation is required.

Jewelry Insurance Replacement Value
Jewelry Insurance Replacement Value

BriteCo Online Appraisal Valuation service provides a replacement value valuation that you can use to insure your valuable jewelry. Most jewelry insurance requires an appraisal in case you have to make a claim for damage, loss, theft, or mysterious disappearance.

Convenient Online, Streamlined Process
Instant Assessment of Your Needs

BriteCo will determine with one question whether you would be best served by an in-person inspection or an online appraisal valuation. As needed, BriteCo will connect you to an appraiser near you for an item inspection or guide you in an online valuation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a jewelry appraisal?
Benefits of a Jewelry Appraisal
How much does an appraisal valuation cost?

If you need your item inspected in-person, we will connect you with a local jeweler.  The price will depend on your location and the complexity of the piece

If you qualify for a BriteCo online appraisal valuation, the cost is only $26 and will allow you to get certified jewelry appraisals from the convenience of your own home.

What if I have more than one piece?

No problem! You can select up to 3 items for an online jewelry appraisal valuation at once. Additional items qualify for a 50% discount.

You will receive a unique, custom appraisal valuation for each piece. You will pay $26 for the first appraisal and $12 for each additional appraisal.

How long does a BriteCo Appraisal Valuation take?

Starting your appraisal is simple. Fill out the questionnaire and in less than 5 minutes you will answer a few questions about your piece, provide documentation, and schedule an appointment with our expert appraiser at your convenience.

Once scheduled, you will join a video-conferencing session with one of our appraiser partners to verify your items, collect any additional information needed and issue your appraisal valuation.

Will my appraisal be accepted by insurance?

Your BriteCo appraisal will always be accepted by BriteCo Insurance as an accurate valuation. Getting an online appraisal valuation with BriteCo is a major step in acquiring proper coverage from any insurance provider.

You should confirm with your insurance provider if they will accept an online appraisal valuation from BriteCo. While other factors may apply to your application for insurance, having a certified appraisal is typically required.

Do I need to mail or send my jewelry item to you for an appraisal?

No. If  you qualify for an online appraisal valuation of the jewelry item, the process will be 100% virtual. You don’t have to worry about your items getting lost or damaged while shipping.

If you need in-person inspection, we will connect your with a trusted partner in your area.

What info is included in an appraisal?

BriteCo Online Appraisals include verifiable and measurable characteristics of the piece of jewelry. Typically, it will include things such as gemstone grades, diamond grades, diamond color, diamond clarity, type of precious metals, jewelry styles, and other important facts. Appraisals for fine jewelry are done subjectively and can vary from appraiser to appraiser depending on specific grading and assessment.

When would my item need to be inspected in person?

Without proper documentation, any online appraisal is a random guess at best. Other online appraisal companies will still give you it virtually. This is a disservice to you. If needed, we will connect you to our extensive network of highly qualified jewelers who can evaluate your item so that you know the true value.

Who are BriteCo’s online appraisal valuation experts?

Our independent online appraisal valuation experts have extensive experience in the field. We hand-select experts with experience from organizations like the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers or years of experience specializing in jewelry valuations.

What if I misplace or lose my appraisal?

Simply email BriteCo and let us know. We’ll send you another copy right away.